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Carboxy Therapy

The Latest anti-ageing treatment to arrive in South Africa is ... carbon dioxide. Described as the biggest breakthrough in beauty therapy since Botox, it is said to eradicate stretch marks, fade scars, melt fat, take years off your skin and dramatically reduce under eye circles.

What is this non-surgical miracle? Injections of carbon dioxide gas. The treatment is huge in the U.S. and is now available at Genetic Laser and Body Clinic. It really is the most important anti-ageing therapy since Botox 13 years ago. Carboxy therapy can treat areas such as jowls, bingo wings, stretch marks and the decolletage, as well as cellulite. Nothing else works like it for loose skin and stretch marks. It means there is no need for surgery in many cases. The effects are revolutionary." So how does it work? Carbon dioxide, the invisible, odourless gas that is part of the air we breathe, is injected just under the surface of the skin using a fine needle. According to many studies, it diffuses into the surrounding tissues and causes blood vessels to dilate. Wider vessels mean a stronger blood supply, which brings a rush of oxygen and nutrients to the treated area Evidence shows the carbon dioxide kills fat cells by causing them to distend, the extra oxygen eliminates fluid build-up between cells, and the skin is stimulated to produce more collagen.

The result, say practitioners, is fewer fat cells and firmer, younger skin. Medical studies have long shown carbon dioxide stimulates circulation. It has been used in France since the Thirties to treat patients suffering from poor circulation, blocked arteries and heart problems. More recently, research by the University of Siena in Italy showed Carboxy therapy is effective at smoothing skin and reducing fat. In the study, 48 women had six sessions over three weeks. On average, their thighs reduced by 2cm, and they lost 1cm from each knee and 3cm from their stomach. At the same time their skin became thicker and their cellulite smoother.

The results on stretch marks and scars are permanent, but doctors suggest that to maintain reduced cellulite levels, you should have boosters every six months. Carbon dioxide is a natural gas, produced by the cells in our bodies. Nontoxic and routinely used to inflate the abdomen for laparoscopic surgery, it is quickly absorbed into the bloodstream and expelled via our breath and kidneys